Meet Our Directors

boys home directorsLarry and Jannette Graves, Founders and Executive Directors

Larry and Jannette are long-time residents of Fair Play.  They grew up in the small conservative town and attended the local high school.  After graduation, Larry went into the service while Jannette went to college in Georgia.  They were married in 1971.

Larry served four years in the military, including overseas, as a military policeman.  After returning to the U.S., he attended 4 years of college at Warrensburg, with Jannette attending the same university 2 years, both obtaining bachelor degrees in education.

In 1976, they returned to Fair Play and taught locally for 3 years.  In the late ‘70s, both were hired at Leeton – Larry, as a PE coach, and Jannette teaching music.  From there, they went to Bunker R-III where Larry was a superintendent for 7 years, while Jannette taught music and band.  Their two oldest children graduated from Bunker.  In 1995, they moved to Caledonia.  Larry worked for Valley R-IV school district as superintendent there 6 years while Jannette taught in area schools.

In 2001, they moved to Neelyville, where Larry was superintendent for 6 years, and Jannette taught at Greenville, Naylor, and Neelyville.  In 2007, they both retired and moved back to Fair Play.

Over the next several years, they remodeled the old farm house Larry grew up in.  In 2009, the bought the oldest local Assembly of God church building and moved it to their farm, remodeling it for their house.

Larry’s hobbies include farming, raising cattle, and restoring old cars.  Jannette loves to play the piano for local churches and donates time to give free music lessons to local residents.

Larry and Jannette love children and have always wanted to leave a legacy of God and family imprinted in each child’s heart.  They have devoted their lives to helping children from all walks of life.  After retiring, they felt like they needed to continue working with children, and the Lord allowed them to buy the second oldest local Assembly of God church building in America. They have spent the last year remodeling and preparing the facility to help at-risk boys.