troubled teen boarding school

A teen’s needs will dictate whether or not the program is a good fit.

Our program is designed to help your boy when:
• His behavior is out of control
• He was expelled from school or is facing legal problems
• He is deeply entangled with friends who are a negative influence
• He keeps returning to negative behaviors even after periods of time when he has been doing well
• Counseling and other outpatient treatments aren’t working
• His problems are persistent or even worsening despite promises to change
• Inappropriate behaviors are placing his (or your) health or life at risk
• He is involved in illegal or dangerous activities

Calling or filling in the online inquiry form is a first step.  

Then, once we have talked and our program seems to be a good fit for your family, the next step is to fill in an Application. The full Application packet includes: Consent to Treat, Contact Information, Medical History, etc.

We have a rolling enrollment so a new student can enroll at anytime. The application process generally takes 24-28 hours. A site visit from the parents is encouraged but not required.