boarding schoolAcademics is a main component of our program.  School, therapy, and home life are the three main behavior areas we focus on.

We believe that children should be able to function appropriately no matter where they are.  Residential treatment is not a setting where children should be sheltered from the “real world” and treated as though they are in a bubble with no consequences, whether good or bad.  Teens are expected to go to school as the law requires.  Our program is designed for our students to integrate into the public school setting and achieve academic success.

The public school setting offers many different styles of learning to accommodate each child’s needs.  It varies from traditional classrooms with instruction/lectures to online curricula where each child works at his own pace.  There are accommodations and modifications in place for those who qualify for Individual Education Plans.

There are a variety of specialty subjects offered at the school, including a nationally award winning VoAg program, fine arts (art, music/choir, band), sports (basketball, baseball, track, cross country), and culinary arts.

We have a great working relationship with the local public school system.  We have weekly meetings with administrators to discuss the clients’ needs/progress.  The students/teachers have provided donations for our clients and have gone out of their way to include them in daily school activities and make them feel welcome.