home for boysA boarding school designed just for boys that are defiant, or either failing or falling behind in school. We can help your boy!

We work with 26 boys at a time and have a 1:6 staff to resident ratio. Many of the boys in our care are from adoptive families, or for one reason or another the parents could no longer care for the child.  We offer all the comforts of home and a loving, caring staff of Christians.

We teach boys what will help them become productive members of society and we provide a spiritual emphasis in everything we do. Our goal is to help turn around youth that are having difficulty with a wide variety of issues.

Our program is designed to help your boy when:

• His behavior is out of control
• He was expelled from school or is facing legal problems
• He is deeply entangled with friends who are a negative influence
• He keeps returning to negative behaviors even after periods of time when he has been doing well
• Counseling and other outpatient treatments aren’t working
• His problems are persistent or even worsening despite promises to change
• Inappropriate behaviors are placing his (or your) health or life at risk
• He is involved in illegal or dangerous activities

Students thrive in our care because of the Christian love and structure we provide.

The therapy we provide includes:

  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Mentorship
  • Leadership Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Music Therapy
  • Recreation and Adventure (on/off grounds)