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Christian Boarding School for Difficult or Struggling Boys

Cayman’s House of Hope is a very affordable, faith-based boarding school designed for boys who are struggling with depression, defiance, disrespect, anger, ADD, ADHD, ODD or who are failing in school. Our program works with 26 boys at a time, with a 1:6 staff to resident ratio. We offer the comforts of home with a structured atmosphere where troubled boys can focus on personal growth and family restoration.  Each of the staff is trained in CPI, First Aid, CPR, Level 1 Medical Aid, and have passed an extensive background check.

We offer a therapeutic environment with specialized staff to help our residents learn how to control themselves, get back on track academically and make good choices. Cayman's House of Hope provides practical therapy and care in an individual, group, and family intervention setting.

The residential program is designed to teach and mentor boys to help them become productive members of society.  Our goal is to take youth that are having difficulty with a wide variety of issues and teach them personal accountability and values that will help them for a lifetime.

We ensure each resident is provided the best education available.  All courses are fully accredited and many options are in place to serve each student’s individual academic needs, and according to his standing and progress.  Dual credit classes are offered so that college credits can be acquired.  Students also play sports including basketball, baseball, and cross-country.  The boys also enjoy various fun activities on a daily basis, as well as community service projects.